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Black Economic Empowerment

The advent of the Black Economic Empowerment has put us in an optimal position in that future pharmaceutical business will only be done if there is a BEE component to the business/organization. The Health Care Charter issued by governmental legislation, places our concern in an ideal position as all future pharmaceutical companies must have 50% equity belonging to person from the historically disadvantage sector of the population. This also applies to registration, tenders, marketing and delivery.

At the beginning of 1994, the ANC published the National Health Plan for South Africa which envisaged, "A single comprehensive, equitable and integrated National Health System must be created, which must coordinate all aspects of both public and private health care delivery, and will be accountable to the people of South Africa through democratic structures".

There are certain guidelines, which must direct us even as we develop the content jointly; key amongst them are the strategic objectives - to improve access and quality; to ensure equity; to transform the health care industry and its ownership to reflect the South African society; and to reinforce the principles of accountability, transparency and good governance.

Finally, the achievement of a genuine sense of national unity depends on all of us working together to overcome the inequalities created by apartheid' extract of a Speech delivered by Dr ME Tshabalala-Msimang, Minister of Health

We as an organization have taken steps to help with rectifying the imbalance in pharmaceutical arena and have gone to length to employ persons from previous disadvantaged sectors of the community as staff. They have all been trained to a high standard of quality and service delivery

We are keen to add our cumulative expertise and year of knowledge to add with empowerment and social upliftment.

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